The Weider Crossbow Home Gym Now The Weider Advantage!

Why the name change? Because to those who are into fitness and working out at home, owning the Crossbow Home Gym is a huge advantage in being fit and healthy, feeling great and looking even better! How appealing is it to do all your exercising on one piece as opposed to using several pieces throughout your workout? And the best part? The results are usually better! The versatility of the Crossbow Home Gym has earned Weider great reviews in the fitness world.

How to Get Buff with the Weider Crossbow Home Gym

The Crossbow Home Gym is ideal not only for weight loss, but it is a powerful tool in strength training, as well. With 65 different exercise options available on this machine, the sky is the limit in work out routines. Assuredly, there will be no boredom for users of the Crossbow Home Gym! And you do not have to kill yourself to see results! The manufacturer recommends using the Crossbow Home Gym at least three times per week for 20 minutes. Following this schedule will affect every muscle in your body, building up and toning quickly. Imagine how you would feel and look if you invested more than three days a week! Should you prefer to ‘go all the way’ and include cardio in your workout, there is a Crossbow Home Gym available with a rowing option – definitely worth the additional dollars!

Why Choose the Weider Crossbow Home Gym?

This equipment stands apart from other similar pieces in full body strength training workouts because there are no weights utilized! That’s right –no weights. The strength training is accomplished with resistance using power rods. The power rods can be adjusted effortlessly so you can move from exercise to exercise quickly and stay within your current fitness level. And there is a wide assortment of resistance training routines that can be used on the Weider Crossbow Home Gym. If you want to make it even easier to work out at home, the Weider Max may be for you. On the Max, all is required is pushing a button to change the resistance! How much simpler can it get?

Check out the Weider website for further information on this extraordinary piece of equipment. Not only is it exceptional in what it can do, it is very cost effective in comparison to the other strength training machines on the market today. The Weider Crossbow Home Gym would certainly complete your personal home gym!