Hunter Guide For Wow

WoW Hunter Guide

Choosing the right class to level up Warcraft with can leave you with a bit of a dilemma. Why not try the Hunter; this class has a lot to offer. Please read on.

This Hunter Guide has been designed to help you to do well as a Hunter, with any of the following races: Blood Elf, Draenei, Dwarf, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren or Troll.

With the skill to track down foe and kill them from a distance with their excellent weapons skills the Hunter is a formidable enemy for other class characters.

The ability to use range attacks upon the opposition is very advantageous to this Warcraft class as it significantly reduces the risk of injury. Furthermore the pet option makes sure that the majority of the close in fighting with enemies is conducted by the pet, leaving the hunter to wreak havoc from a distance.

As with all other character classes you will have the option to select from any of the professions. It is worth noting however that not all roles are ideal for the Hunter’s natural abilities. The best ones are Leatherworking and Skinning as you will be able to make your own protective armor, followed by Skinning and Mining, as you will be given the chance to make money from the sale of the skins and metal ores. Herbalism is also a good profession as this will allow you to learn how to make your own healing potions.

Initially your weapon of mass destruction is a rudimentary bow and arrow. I don’t think World of Warcraft domination is quite the aim yet! As you level up and finish tasks your personal arsenal of weapons will be much better. Your health points and experience points will also rise, making you a far more formidable hunter.

The secret to succeeding with the Hunter is to ensure your Mana levels are kept high, use your pet to undertake any Melee combat, only carry out combat from a safe distance, using your auto shot skill for the best results. If you stick to these basics where ever possible you will realise that the Hunter is probably one of the easiest WoW classes to level up with.

I hope you found my World of Warcraft Hunter intro useful.