Horton Crossbows Are the Best Around!

I hear that the Horton line is the best line of crossbows around! You have heard correctly! The Horton lines of crossbows are the best around. Let’s look at the Horton Team Realtree for starters. The Horton Realtree comes with a Talon light weight trigger, Tough Boy arms in camouflage colors, a precision metal sight and Dial A Range Trajectory computer. These are just a few of the elements that are included in the Realtree line of crossbows. These bows are tough and can take whatever you dish out in whatever weather that you are in. It also comes with SpeedMax cable system and a machined metal stirrup. This is one tough hombre and can be used with deadly accuracy in all sorts of hunting. I like the Hunter HD 150 crossbows. Can you tell me more about them? I sure can! These Hunter HD 150 Crossbows have a draw weight of 150 pounds and weighs a little over 7 ½ pounds. It has a velocity of over 280 feet per second and a power stroke of 12 inches. This is one sweet baby to use. She comes with a Mult A Range scope, an arrow quiver, and three arrows. These crossbows mean business. She is one powerful little package. You can find this package at http://EagleArchery.com and other fine stores in your locality or even stores such as Bass Pro Shops. This is one mean, lean hunting machine that is at home in your truck or home. Let’s talk about the exciting, weatherproof Legacy 225 series of crossbows! Horton’s Legacy 225 Crossbows are an improvement on the original series of bows named in the Legacy line. The 225 is weatherproof, which is ideal for all you hunting fans out there. These crossbows package comes with a weatherproof Perfect Fit stock, a Talon Ultra Light trigger, Dial A Range Trajectory, Machined Aluminum Stirrup and Precision Metal Sight. All this in a waterproof package that really shouts out “Own me Please!” This wonderful bow is done up all in camouflage, so that it cannot be seen, no matter what the weather. This is one silent, but deadly little deal and an animal will never know what hit them. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=299132&ca=Sports